Coaching Services

Holistic Life & Recovery Coaching

Having an action plan every week, and someone to hold me accountable in a supportive way, was exactly what I needed. Sarajane is a great listener, and was able to see things about me that I couldn’t see about myself. Her input and ideas were so much help to me. I finally committed to self-care and to finding new activities that I wanted to do more than I wanted to drink. I’ve started exploring my creativity again, am doing physical exercise daily, taking relaxing bubble baths and meditating. My sobriety is strong.”                                                                                       

We all encounter periods in our lives when the life we are living and the life we want are not in sync. Sometimes we can use help finding our way back to and recovering our selves. If we examine our habits we can see if they are feeding our inner fire and life force and we will make better choices that will help us to flourish and thrive. 

As a Certified Holistic Life & Recovery Coach I believe radical honesty, authenticity, self-love, and self-care can lead to healing in all areas of our lives. By exploring our passions, developing new rituals, and discovering what makes us feel more alive, we can create a life in which our self-destructive habits no longer have a place. Through inner work and honesty our lives will begin to transform as we heal, discover, and recover our selves.

As your coach I will work with you to develop a vision of the life you want and create short and long term goals. I offer support, guidance, and tools to help reveal and overcome limiting beliefs, habits, and addictions. We will uncover and discover the things you’ve always wanted to do, reveal what’s been holding you back, and address the areas of your life that need tending. I will help you stay on task and together we will address any obstacles to your vision.

I’m available to work with you in person or via phone or skype.

Rates and Services

I offer a complimentary Discovery Session to spend some time getting to know one another and to determine that we are a good fit.

Life & Recovery Coaching ~ $479/month     

For those who feel stuck in life or are healing from such things as divorce, loss, transitions, co-dependence, or addiction. Includes four weekly phone sessions, self-inquiry exercises, and daily accountability.

Sobriety Jumpstart ~ $979                                        

Eight weeks of one-on-one coaching & support as you explore a sober lifestyle. Sometimes we feel our lives would be better without alcohol and we need support, but we don’t feel programs like AA would be a good fit. Many of us reside in a “grey area”, where we know alcohol is limiting us but we aren’t sure we qualify as addicted. It’s never too soon to take an early exit from the drinking lifestyle, and it’s not necessary to hit a hard bottom before we quit. Together we will examine your motivation to abstain from alcohol, identify your reasons for drinking and create a tool kit of alternatives, look at the areas of your life that have been diminished by alcohol use and begin to replenish them, create new rituals and routines, identify your long-term life goals and take the first steps to fulfilling them, and develop a personal program for maintaining your sobriety. Includes eight weekly 45-90 minute phone/facetime sessions, self-inquiry exercises, and daily support and accountability.

Please contact me if you have any questions.