Why “Stoking Life”?

stoke /stōk/ verb: to add fuel to, keep burning, tend; to increase the amount or strength of; to encourage; to feed abundantly; to excite or thrill; to increase the intensity of; to make happy

When I started this blog  in January of 2016 my life had been bumping along with no direction. You can read the back story here.  I decided to pick a word  that would inspire how I wanted to experience 2016.  I chose the word “stoke”.

To me stoking my life means to make choices  that feed the embers in my heart and to avoid things that suffocate or put them out. These embers have been glowing all my life, and adding kindling, oxygen, and fuel makes that fire stronger and hotter, so that it no longer wants to go out, and so bright it can share its light with the world.

I had no idea what choosing this word would lead to in my life! It has changed in almost every way. Did I have to let some things go? Yes. Was it scary? Yes. Did I grieve? Yes. But I wouldn’t change a thing for the world. This blog is a real time account of my journey and some of the steps, stumbles, and life lessons I’ve encountered.

I’m a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, Massage Therapist, and Essential Oils representative. If you’re interested in any of my services please contact me at stokinglife@gmail.com.

I would love to hear from you and always appreciate feedback and new insights!