“My work with Sarajane was a turning point in my sobriety journey. After 3 years in a 12 Step program, I was struggling with maintaining my sobriety and had recently relapsed for the second time. I was feeling stagnant in my 12 Step Program, and stagnant in my life. Working with Sarajane was exactly what I needed to change my mindset and get me to a new level in my sobriety. 

Having an action plan every week, and someone to hold me accountable in a supportive way, was exactly what I needed. Sarajane is a great listener, and was able to see things about me that I couldn’t see about myself. Her input and ideas were so much help to me. I finally committed to self-care and to finding new activities that I wanted to do more than I wanted to drink. I’ve started exploring my creativity again, am doing physical exercise daily, taking relaxing bubble baths and meditating. And, my sobriety is strong, as is my work in my 12 Step program. It all goes hand in hand.”

“Sarajane Parker has truly inspired me to continue finding my path to success. After only the first few sessions I’ve been feeling an internal makeover!

 Sara Jane has helped me recognize my self worth and recover from old negative mental/emotional habits. This has created a new space in my mind and  excitement for what’s to come in my future.
Sarajane is thoughtful, kind, and patient in her life coaching practice. She offers full support and encouragement. My goals feel achievable and attainable. I’m beyond grateful for what I’ve received from this experience.”

“I had a massage with Sarajane the other day and was so impressed with the little details of the body that she paid attention to. I was able to relax so fully that I entered an almost dream space. I felt as if I was floating, but the air was thick, almost liquidy, which made me think of Cirque du Soleil and then I was dreamily floating while being massaged by beautiful otherworldly creatures. Definitely a relaxing massage! Sara is amazing!”

“Sarajane Parker is a natural… a natural mom, a whole-hearted person and a natural healer through her hands. Her life experience as a mother and Buddhist meditator comes through her compassionate care as a masseuse. I felt safe, relaxed and deeply nurtured by her TLC massage. What a treat it was to be under Sara’s care for an hour!”     ~ Gyalten Chime – Buddhist nun