The Sobriety Experiment

”I’ve taken a break. Maybe I’ll drink again. Maybe I won’t.” ~ Andy Boyle

Have you ever:

  • been curious about what it would feel like to be alcohol-free for a period of time?
  • wondered if your mind might be more clear, or if you’d have more energy?
  • had a concern that you’ve become mentally or physically dependent on alcohol?
  • tried unsuccessfully to keep your drinking within the guidelines of the CDC (two drinks for men and one for women per day)?
  • thought about quitting but weren’t sure it was “bad” enough?
  • thought about quitting but were afraid of how much your life might change?
  • thought about quitting and were curious and excited about how much your life might change?

It was in January of 2016 that I began my  “Sobriety Experiment”, for all of the above reasons. It’s a great time to recover from the overindulgence of the holidays and to start the new year mindfully. Sometimes taking a break is necessary to gain perspective as you explore your relationship with alcohol. I would love to support you in your own Sobriety Experiment!

For the month of January 2018 I am offering a one-on-one coaching program where you will receive:

  • one 60-minute coaching session (in person, by phone, or via skype) the last week of December to dig in and prepare your individualized plan
  • two 30-minute sessions per week through January to help keep you on track
  • online support between sessions
  • suggestions for handling social situations & other challenges
  • self-reflection/journaling prompts
  • suggestions for easing anxiety & cravings
  • someone who has experienced and been trained in the psychology and brain science of substance use, abuse, and addiction to walk beside you with non-judgemental, gentle guidance (ME!)
  • a 60-minute review session the first week of February to reflect and decide where you want to go from there

Space is limited to five women, as it is a one-on-one, individualized program.

Price: $555 / $499.50 (10% off) if you register before Dec. 21st 

Email To Register: